Arrival and Transport

ICYMARE 2022 BREMERHAVEN will take place in the wonderful city of Bremerhaven. It has over 110,000 inhabitants and is the smaller one of the two cities that form the federal state of Bremen. The second city is Bremen with over 550,000 inhabitants. Both cities are separated by about 60 km along the river Weser as the dominating aquatic feature of both.


You can reach Bremerhaven by serveral modes of transport


The airport in close vicinity to Bremerhaven is the Bremen Airport Hans Koschnick (code: BRE), which is quite well connected within the European flight schedules. The next bigger airports are Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt (code: HAM) or Hannover Airport (code: HAJ) which are also connected to overseas. Reaching Bremerhaven from Bremen, Hamburgor Hannover is easiest and cheapest by regional trains.

If you arrive from Airport Bremen:

• Tram Line 6: Universität (App: Fahrplaner Niedersachsen/Bremen or try the Deutsche Bahn App)
• Bremen Flughafen > Bremen Hauptbahnhof (Hbf)


You can reach Bremerhaven Main Station only with regional trains. If you are travelling with long distance trains, like IC and ICE, you have to change trains at Bremen Main station. Bremen is reachable with ICE and IC from all over Germany.

If you take the train from Bremen Central Station to Bremerhaven Central Station
• RE9 Bremerhaven-Lehe (always at 56 past from Platform 7)
• NWB RS2 Bremerhaven-Lehe (always at 40 past from Platform 6)


Even if probably not preferred, you can reach Bremerhaven by car via the highway A27 from Bremen and Cuxhaven. Via the highways A1 from Hamburg and Osnabrück or the A7 from Hannover you can reach Bremen.


In Bremerhaven you can travel by bus. There are several bus lines, but only 8 that connect the Bremerhaven Main Station and the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven.
To reach the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven by bus you have to get out of the bus at the station „Hochschule Bremerhaven“ or „Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum“.

Bus from Bremerhaven Hbf to Hochschule/Stadttheater

• 506 Leherheide-Ost
• 502 Leherheide West
• 504 Debstedt
• 505 Langen-Debstedt

Bus from Bremerhaven Hbf to Bremerhaven Weserfähre

• 508 Leherheide West
• HL Rotersand
• 509 Imsum

Or walk – it’s 15 minutes to the Hochschule


If you are arriving by train local transportation is included in your city ticket for the day of arrival/departure or you can check under

You can buy day saver tickets or single tickets, both for one up to five persons. The price for the tickets are the following:

  • Single ticket: 2,50 €
  • Day saver ticket: 7,30 € for one person
    •   10,00 € for two persons
    •   12,70 € for three persons
    •   15,40 € for four persons
    •   18,10 € for five persons



Use IT provides an online map of Bremerhaven with everything a Bremerhaven-Newbie might need. You can also find a paper version around Bremerhaven.