The ICYMARE 2022 BREMERHAVEN Conference will consist of several topical and open interdisciplinary sessions. These sessions cover a broad variety of topics from all areas of marine research. Each session has about 10 to 15 participants, which present themselves, their current research or their future projects and there is lots of time for discussions.

ICYMARE 2022 BREMERHAVEN is not an usual online conference with streaming and listening. The small sessions and discussions make it an excellent online networking event where people get to know each other and stay connected with the online groupworking tool which we are using to organize the sessions. In that sense the online ICYMARE 2022 BREMERHAVEN is in good tradition of the previous on-site ICYMARE conference: an excellent networking event for young marine researchers.

On this page you will soon find the ICYMARE 2022 program.