ICYMARE 2022 BREMERHAVEN will be an on-site conference again and will take place from 13th to 16th of September in Bremerhaven. ICYMARE wants to be inclusive and everybody should be able to participate! Therefore, in 2022, ICYMARE will try out something new! We will drop the conference fees of 40-60€ from the previous conference. Instead we would like to ask everybody to donate what everybody thinks ICYMARE 2022 BREMERHAVEN is worth for them following the solidary priciple of ICYMARE. There will be no cross-checking after registration and every participant will have the same benefits. If you need a donation certificate (Zuwendungsbescheinigung) afterwards, no problem, please tell us during the registration.

Online registration will be open in August 2022. Registration and participation at ICYMARE 2022 BREMERHAVEN is free of charge but if you wish to support the ICYMARE initiative, we would be glad if you consider donating via our donation page.

Everybody has to register, independent if you present a talk, a poster, or if you are listener at the conference or ICYMARE organization team member. Presenters please register directly after acceptance of your conference contribution to secure your spot as a presenter in the schedule. For more details please see check out our terms and conditions here. We are looking forward to seeing you!


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