An Ocean of Numbers - Navigating the Sea of Data

04 August 2021, 10 am CEST (postponed from May)

Data is at the very core of science, the proof a theory needs to be accepted or the reason we give preference to one idea over another. The last decades have seen a vast incline in the pure available amount of datasets, the scientific community is producing large amounts for their specific purposes. In addition not only scientists are collecting data, governments, companies and NGOS are all gathering information for their own causes.

The different pools of data collected by the actors flow together into an ocean of numbers and figures as hard and perilous to navigate as the real one. The ocean spans the whole planet and connects all fields and regions.

Leaving the information gathered this way just to answer the very questions it was collected for is a waste. It provides us with new and expanding opportunities for an expansion of knowledge, not only through new data but also by relating and analysing existing data through new lenses, gaining more holistic understanding of our world.

This ICMARE forum gives us the chance to exchange our experiences, as young researchers in Data Science especially within the boundaries of the Marine Environment. What goals and ideas for the field exist? How do we work with datasets on different scales, of differing quality and source? Where do we find our working material in the first place?

Starting to work in the field relatively recently I am very interested in learning about different approaches, methods and goals that people are trying out in order to navigate the ocean of Data.

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