Registration (closed now)

ICYMARE 2019 BREMEN will take place in Bremen on 24 to 27 September 2019! Below you can find the registration form. So go ahead and register NOW! You can attend with presenting a talk or a poster in one of the sessions listed below. You can also attend as a listener without a presentation, or you advertise your very own project during the project pitches. There are lots of opportunities to get involved. We are looking forward to seeing you in Bremen. Everyone is welcome!

Please register online by using the two options below. The deadline for online registration is 17 September 2019. Thereafter, online registrations cannot be accepted anymore and you have to register manually at the registration desk as soon as you reach the conference venue. This will be quite some additional effort and will cost you 5 Euros in addition to the applicable conference fees (cash only). Thus, we recommend registering online in time.

Also make sure to register to our newsletter to stay up to date about ICYMARE!


Please note: At the moment, it may take a while for us to send your payment confirmation. Also, no “ticket” is needed at the registration desk. We will have a list to tick you off in case you paid the fees.


For your reimbursement from your institution, you may need the following information:

Event: ICYMARE – International Conference for Young Marine Researchers
Organizator: Bremen Society for Natural Sciences (NWV)
Address: c/o Überseemuseum, Bahnhofsplatz 13, 28195 Bremen, Germany
VAT number: 460/145/01019


No panic! Only the early registration option is now closed. You can drop by the registration desk spontaneously and register for the whole conference (45 or 65 Euro for Bachelor/Master or PhD candidates/highter, resp.) or get a day entrance (15 or 20 Euro for Bachelor/Master or PhD candidates/highter, resp.). 


Tickets are no longer available.