26 - 27 AUGUST 2020

ICYMARE 2020 & Corona

Dear ICYMARE family,

Will the Corona virus paralyze our research and lives or will it unite us as early career researchers by shared thoughts, worries and discussions? Let’s buckle up and get ready to try something new, shall we?

With a heavy heart we have to realize that we cannot organize ICYMARE 2020 BREMERHAVEN as a real meeting. Big events are cancelled throughout Germany until the end of August. However, the number of participants remains undefined. Even if ICYMARE would be officially allowed by the number of participants, it still would be difficult if not even risky to travel and come together over days in bigger groups and have food and drinks…

We decided to “level up” though. We are already exploring several different options for a real meeting in 2021, but at this stage we do not know where and when exactly it will take place. In the meantime, we want to keep up the spirit and try out a form of online networking during the days the conference was originally planned: 26 and 27 August 2020. Everybody is welcome to be part of this experiment either as a virtual session host or as a presenter.

The idea is to set-up virtual sessions for 10 participants each. Everyone in that group can present and discuss their research but especially it will be the opportunity to connect via a video conference tool and share your thoughts. You might want to establish a chat group for the time afterwards or find people you connect with on your topic for example. We want to keep the groups of 10 diverse by research topic and location as well as nationality and will distribute the presenters to a session. Moderation of the group the day itself will be up to the session host

All the best, stay healthy
Your ICYMARE Organization Team

Call for Virtual Research Presentations

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Key Dates

22 July 2020
Postponed Deadline Call for
Virtual Presentations


26 + 27 August 2020
ICYMARE 2020 – Online Networking Event

Our Mission

At ICYMARE we are all equals in our research, every opinion matters, you matter, and we respect each other. If that sounds like your ICYMARE, we are happy to see you at the conference, as presenter, listener or maybe even in our organization team.

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Yes, there is a new fish in the sea! We are so proud to introduce to you the new International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers – ICYMARE.

It is completely organized by young volunteers and offers a powerful and inspiring international set-up for an excellent network opportunity and some first conference experience in your early career. Let’s start a new ICYMARE tradition and meet every year to discuss our research, ideas, and plans for the future. Become part of a very special first edition of (y)our new conference series.

What is special about ICYMARE:

  • ICYMARE aims to be a networking event for YOUNG marine researchers
  • ICYMARE is completely organized by young marine researchers on voluntary basis
  • ICYMARE will have changing locations and hosting support
  • But most of all: we stay open minded for your ideas and input and our team takes extra care for ICYMARE to get that easy-to-talk-to atmosphere where you will build your network as well as make friends.

ICYMARE is starting at zero with its conference budget.

We finance the whole conferences by your fees and by financial support by our sponsors and partners.

If you want to become sponsor or to donate to ICYMARE,
please contact