25 - 28 AUGUST 2020

Yes, there is a new fish in the sea! We are so proud to introduce to you the new International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers – ICYMARE.

It is completely organized by young volunteers and offers a powerful and inspiring international set-up for an excellent network opportunity and some first conference experience in your early career. Let’s start a new ICYMARE tradition and meet every year to discuss our research, ideas, and plans for the future. Become part of a very special first edition of (y)our new conference series.

What is special about ICYMARE:

  • ICYMARE aims to be a networking event for YOUNG marine researchers
  • ICYMARE is completely organized by young marine researchers on voluntary basis
  • ICYMARE will have changing locations and hosting support
  • But most of all: we stay open minded for your ideas and input and our team takes extra care for ICYMARE to get that easy-to-talk-to atmosphere where you will build your network as well as make friends.

Our Mission

At ICYMARE we are all equals in our research, every opinion matters, you matter, and we respect each other. If that sounds like your ICYMARE, we are happy to see you at the conference, as presenter, listener or maybe even in our organization team.

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Be part of ICYMARE

If you are interested in our work and would like to get involved,please get in touch with us.


Wall of Love

Our participants are the center of our universe and their happiness is the key to our success. Here are some of the things they say about us.


Key Dates

15 May 2020
Deadline Call for Abstracts
Deadline Call for Workshops

This Year's Sessions

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Future of Sustainable Coastal and Ocean Management
  • The impacts of climate change over marine natural capital and the implications for its management
  • Marine Data Science
  • The Power of a Good Story: Building Narratives in Science Communication
  • Biophysics in the marine field
  • Micro-contaminants, Macro-problem: Marine Pollution in the Anthropocene
  • Beware of global changes: assessing marine stress and damage from lower levels of biological organization
  • Fantastic microbes and where to find them: Integrating “-omics” approaches to understand life
  • Exceptions make the rule: insights from mixotrophy
  • From physiology to ecology: what the holobiont concept can teach us about marine organisms and ecosystems
  • Often Overlooked: Understanding the Ecological Importance of Marine Invertebrates
  • Sustainable fisheries: it is bigger than catching fish
  • What is really on our plates? Mislabeling in seafood
  • Seafood production in a Blue Economy
  • Coastal Wetlands – Muddy is the new trendy
  • Tropical Marine Ecosystems in the Anthropocene
  • Into where does permafrost thaw? Investigating the terrestrial-marine transition zone in the Arctic
  • In a stable relationship: Isotope analysis and marine science
  • Palaeoclimatological insights into the modern climate change
  • Marine Plastic Pollution Research: Hazard vs. Risk
  • Marine Engineering
  • Open Session

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ICYMARE is starting at zero with its conference budget.

We finance the whole conferences by your fees and by financial support by our sponsors and partners.

If you want to become sponsor or to donate to ICYMARE,
please contact