Our participants are the center of our universe and their happiness is the key to our success. Here are some of the things they say about us. If YOU have something nice to say about us, let us know at hello@icymare.com.

Prof. Dr. Christian Wild

University of Bremen, Germany

“I like the idea of ICYMARE because it provides an excellent exchange and networking opportunity for young marine researchers at very reasonable costs.”

James G. Hagan, MSc

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

“Any platform that allows young, like-minded research to gather, meet and exchange ideas is one that is worth supporting. I can’t wait for ICYMARE!”

Carolin Müller, MSc

Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), Bremen, Germany

To me, ICYMARE means essential recruitment of early career scientists into the ever-growing international stock of marine researchers. I am happy to be part of the swarm and encourage you all to swim with us! Let’s jointly shape the future of the oceans!

Dr. Veloisa Mascarenhas

University of Oldenburg, Germany

“An excellent platform for young oceanographers across Europe and beyond to network with a purpose, because TOGETHER we achieve more!”

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kattner

Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany

“ICYMARE presents a unique and excellent opportunity for young scientists to meet and to present, learn, and organize marine research.”

Morgan L. McCarthy, MSc

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

“I like that ICYMARE is organized BY early career researchers FOR early career researchers. It will be a great opportunity to meet other young scientists around Europe!”

Nadine Gerlach, MSc

MARUM, University of Bremen & Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany

“The oceans are connecting the world, ICYMARE connects young like-minded scientists!”

Yvonne Schadewell, MSc

University of Oldenburg, Germany

“To me, ICYMARE means connecting young researchers across the world, through their passion about the ocean and building the base of future science.”

Charles Cadier, MSc

MER Consortium, Bilbao, Spain

“What I love about ICYMARE is that it states that every young scientist, at his own scale, has something to tell about the marine environment. It fosters connection between us, leading to an increased openness to the diversity of research in marine sciences.”

Eva M. D. Paulus, BSc

University of Groningen, Netherlands

“ICYMARE is a great opportunity for young researchers to participate in a conference and gain experience in chairing a session, giving a talk or poster presentation!”

Jan Boelmann, Dipl.Ing.(FH)

University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, Germany

“Since I work with young students it is my main concern to help them grow up to young professionals and support them where I can. So this is ICYMARE, a good opportunity for young students and future scientists to show their work and get familiar with the scientific conference world.”

Lena Rölfer, MSc

Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), Bremen, and University of Bremen, Germany

“ICYMARE brings together young marine researchers from around the globe. To me it means connecting with new and old friends, exchanging ideas and sharing the same passion – marine sciences.”

Julia Jung, BSc

University of Gent, Belgium

“I love the bottom-up approach of enabling young researchers to build this conference and network together! Having such a platform allows our generation to not only collaborate better, but to really be able to define how we would like to shape this field in the future, which topics our priorities are and think about our roles and responsibilities as young marine researchers for the environment and in society. I am really proud and happy to be a part of this network and can’t wait to see the things we’ll do together.”

Audrey Granger, MSc

Edinburgh Napier University, Great Britain

“ICYMARE to me is a platform that provides an incredible and unique opportunity for a network of fresh, hungry and passionate young scientists to present their research and meet like minded professionals. It is so much more than a conference; ICYMARE is an inspiring, exciting and supportive movement that I can’t wait to attend this year!”

Natalie Prinz, MSc

Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), Bremen & University of Bremen, Germany

“ICYMARE unites the new generation of marine scientists. The conference builds strong connections that overcome competitive behaviour in science, for the sake of working for the ocean and our planet as one.”

Pedro Manuel Carrasco De La Cruz, MSc

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium

“What I like from ICYMARE is the fact each session has a personality; This is a young, fresh, and hungry-of-world conference. It is time to create a long-lasting tradition, and a tradition does get stronger when people spread it with passion”

Lívia Oliveira, MSc

University of Bremen, Germany

“ICYMARE is a space for learning, sharing experiences, igniting ideas and actions.”

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