Arrival and Transport

If you want to get to the ICYMARE 2023 OLDENBURG conference then there are several ways to get there. Here, we will explain how…


You can reach Oldenburg by serveral modes of transport

International travellers can arrive in Oldenburg through several convenient transportation options. While Oldenburg does not have its own international airport, there are several nearby airports and transportation hubs that provide access to the city:

Bremen Airport (BRE): Approximately 60 km away from Oldenburg, connections are offered between various international destinations and the well-established public transportation (tram, bus, train) system connects both cities on a frequent basis.

Hamburg Airport (HAM): While it’s a bit farther away from Oldenburg (approx. 200 km), the large Hamburg Airport is another popular option for international travelers due to higher number of flight options. The public transportation system connects Hamburg via Bremen with Oldenburg.

Other large airports like Frankfurt (FRA) or even Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) may also be considered to reach Oldenburg via connecting trains and buses.

If you arrive in Oldenburg by train or (Flix-)bus, get off at Oldenburg Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) which is located close to the city centre. From this central transportation hub, you can easily reach various destinations in Oldenburg by bus. Next to the Central Station, you can also find taxis to give you a ride wherever you need to go. Rental bikes and e-scooters are also available.

Bus fares
  • Single ticket: 2.70 Euro (valid for 90 minutes after voiding to travel)
  • Set of four tickets: 8.80 Euro
  • 1-day-ticket (one to max. five persons): 7.30 – 19.30 Euro
  • 7-day-ticket: 20 Euro

All fares:

Bus system map:

Tickets can be bought either directly on the bus, digitally using DB Navigator app or from ticket vending machines at several bus stops in the city centre.


Map of Oldenburg (PDF)