Call for Sessions

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ICYMARE is calling for sessions for ICYMARE 2024 in Bremen. The conference will take place from 16 to 20 September 2024.


Call for Session Hosts

We are excited to invite enthusiastic individuals to contribute as session hosts for ICYMARE 2024! As a session host, you play a vital role in fostering a dynamic and engaging conference environment. We invite you to apply as an advanced (Master or PhD) student with your marine research and expertise field, aiming to share it as an ICYMARE topical session.


Responsibilities of a Session Host

  • Facilitate Sessions:Guide and facilitate the smooth flow of conference sessions, ensuring presenters adhere to the allocated time and stimulating insightful discussions.
  • Introduce Speakers:Present brief introductions for session speakers, highlighting their expertise and achievements.
  • Q&A Management:Moderate Q&A sessions, encouraging audience participation and directing questions to the speakers.
  • Technical Support:Collaborate with the ICYMARE technical team to address any issues related to audiovisual equipment or virtual platforms during sessions.
  • Networking:Act as a liaison between presenters and attendees, encouraging networking and collaboration.


Why Become a Session Host

  • Enhance Leadership Skills:Develop your leadership and communication abilities in a dynamic conference setting.
  • Networking Opportunities:Connect with fellow researchers, professionals, and experts in your field.
  • Upgrade your CV:Attendees hosting sessions will receive an attendance certificate.
  • Additional Perk:Session hosts and one invited speaker per session will be exempt from the conference fees.


Our Session Host Workshops

Chairing a conference session at a scientific conference can be a challenging task, especially for first-timers! But don’t worry – the ICYMARE team has your back! All confirmed session hosts will have the opportunity to participate in one of our – mandatory – online host workshops. Experienced members of the ICYMARE team will guide you through the entire process, from communicating with your presenters to offering troubleshooting tips and tricks.

For teams of two we encourage both of you to attend the workshop. Should only one be able to attend, it falls within the responsibility of the attending host to relay all obtained information – we are relying on you!

The online workshops are scheduled to take place in February 2024. Currently, we have three sessions planned:

  • February 05 – 8:00 PM (CET)
  • February 07 – 3:00 PM (CET)
  • February 09 – 10:00 AM (CET)

Join us for one of these sessions to enhance your hosting skills and ensure a smooth and successful conference experience!


How to Apply

If this opportunity excites you, we encourage you to apply by using our online conference tool. Please follow the steps as outlines on the platform to register your application – either as an individual or a team of two – until the 31 January 2024. Please also indicate which online host workshop session you will join.

Please prepare the following documents, which you will be able to upload during the respective steps of the application process:

  • A letter of motivation (max. one page), highlighting your experience in the proposed topic and explaining why you are eager to be a session host.
  • Your most recent CV.


Thank you for participating in ICYMARE 2024. We look forward to building an inspiring and collaborative conference experience together!

Download Call for Sessions (PDF)