After its first very successful edition, ICYMARE received an 10,000 € award for the realization of its second edition ICYMARE 2020 BREMERHAVEN from the freundeskreis zur förderung der wissenschaft bremerhaven (“circle of friends for the facilitation of science bremerhaven”).

This circle of friends is a group of private people and institutions that believe in scientific events as a measure of science transfer among researchers and into society. Therefore, an annual prize is awarded for the organization of a scientific conference, a symposium, or a congress. As one of the main aspects, the scientific transfer into the Bremerhaven public should be included.

Prize-winning ICYMARE:10,000 €-Funding Awarded byBremerhaven Science Supporters

ICYMARE 2020 BREMERHAVEN will be the key conference and networking event for marine early-career researchers of Europe and beyond. In a professional, yet familiar atmosphere, mostly Bachelor, Master and PhD candidates will present their oral and poster presentations on eye-level to gather first conference experiences and to start building their own professional network.

We are very glad that this concept was convincing and we thank the circle of friends for the facilitation of science bremerhaven for this valuable help to make ICYMARE 2020 BREMERHAVEN possible. At the same time, we also congratulate the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost, which also was successful with its application for their “International congress on non-formal education for sustainable development” (24-25 September 2020).

Pictures: Kai Martin Ulrich