Travel Grants

ICYMARE Travel Grants! Sharing great news, as again we will be able to support a limited amount of young marine researchers presenting their work (oral or poster communication). Feeling inspired already? Join us and hundreds of young marine researchers from all around the world.

ICYMARE is thrilled to announce that, similar to last year, we are providing support to marine researchers presenting their work at (y)our conference! We have allocated 2600 euros for travel grants, enabling two European students to receive 300€ each, and two students from Non-European/Global South regions to receive 1000€ each. We are currently accepting abstract submissions and applications for the TRAVEL GRANTS 2023, which will cover travel and/or accommodation expenses for attending ICYMARE. Student(s) will be funded after the work presentation at the conference. We advise you to seek additional funding if you require more financial support. To apply, please send your application to moc.e1708179834ramyc1708179834i@stn1708179834argle1708179834vart1708179834.



  • The applicant must be a BSc, MSc or PhD student.
  • Submit an abstract and present an oral or poster communication in ICYMARE 2023.


Application Instructions
(Mandatory items preceded by “*”)

  1. *Abstract submission;
  2. *Completed application word/PDF form;
  3. *Proof that the applicant is an BSc, MSc or PhD student;
  4. *Motivation letter (1 page maximum);
  5. *Short and relevant CV (1 or 2 pages maximum);
  6. *Budget for travel expenses and schedules (sky scanner, Airbnb, Booking, or similar)
  7. Additional support document (e.g. a one-page recommendation letter from advisor)


Selection Process

Applicants will be ranked based on the following selection criteria:

  • Completeness and timeliness of the application form;
  • Organisation and presentation of applicant’s statement of goals and motivation letter;
  • Justification of the Application;
  • Quality of the Abstract;
  • Coherence of the CV


Grant Procedure

  1. Travel Grant Application submission (Deadline: 7th of August)
  2. Travel Grant decision communication (Deadline: 22nd of August)
  3. Receipt of travel/accommodation expenses (Deadline: 30th of September)
  4. Travel Grant funded after attendance and presenting (Deadline: 31st of October)


After completion of the selection process, all application documents will be destroyed in accordance with data protection regulations. How applicant data is handled can be read in our privacy policy.

Download Travel Grants Form (Word)