Attending an ICYMARE conference provides the combination between a vibrant family-like community and valuable scientific research presentations and networking. The scientific aspect of ICYMARE is now being developed further with establishing an ICYMARE Research Topic in the scientific journal “Frontiers in Marine Science”.

ICYMARE establishesResearch Topic in„Frontiers in Marine Science”

ICYMARE conferences are organized in a pure bottom-up way. Early career researchers from any marine research field apply for hosting a topical session at the annual ICYMARE conferences. They advertise their sessions in the community, review the submitted abstracts and ultimately prepare and moderate the sessions during the actual conference.

The session hosts of each ICYMARE conference are additionally invited to contribute a manuscript to the freshly established Research Topic “ICYMARE – Early Career Researchers in Marine Science” of the scientific open access journal “Frontiers in Marine Science”. This Research Topic aims to feature the scientific work of members of the ICYMARE family. Most submissions will be review papers within the research field presented at the ICYMARE conferences and by that an overview of the most cutting-edge research done by early career researchers in marine science will also be provided to the readers.

The editors of this new Research Topic are Dr. Viola Liebich and Dr. Simon Jungblut.

Check out the ICYMARE Research Topic at Frontiers in Marine Science

Funding support for the first 30 manuscripts

The ICYMARE Research Topic in Frontiers in Marine Science has received funding from the federal state of Bremen to promote openness scientific communication. This funding covers the author open access fees for the first 30 manuscripts of the Research Topic.

We are very glad about this important support for ICYMARE and its community of early career researchers and would like express our gratitude to the federal state of Bremen.