And the winners are ….: The ICYMARE Photo Competition

We are so very happy to present to you the winner pictures of the ICYMARE Photo Competition. Our jury ranked the best 5 pictures for the ICYMARE photo grants (1000 – 400 €) from more than 300 submissions. Ten more pictures received an ICYMARE photo price of each 100 €.

We are so proud of our community; you guys are amazing! Many thanks for all the great pictures. We had to laugh a lot, nodding when the scene just reminded us of our own work as well. It doesn’t matter where we work, but for our research we are willing to go the extra mile, to suffer at ice and mud, soaked with a mouthful of water – at best. The passion for our work is what makes it so special to be a marine scientist, especially at an early career stage. And thanks to you we can now show it to the world. There will be an exhibition of the best pictures coming up, stay tuned.

Thanks for everyonewho joined and supportedICYMARE 2021.

ICYMARE Photo Grant – Place 1

“Baby clowns doo doo”
by Morgan Bennett-Smith (27)

As a marine scientist primarily focusing on clownfish and anemones he found when studying the reproduction of clownfishes in situ, sometimes it helps to get up close and personal!

ICYMARE Photo Grant – Place 2

“Coral reef research”
by Tom Shlesinger (38)

Being a coral-reef ecologist often takes you to beautiful tropical places with lush life above and below the water. This photo depicts a scientific team studying the corals around Ambitle Island in Papua New Guinea.

ICYMARE Photo Grant – Place 3

“Catch and ‘release’”
by Manuel Marinelli (38)

As a marine biologist running the small-scale NGO Project Manaia at the Mediterranean Sea he comes across the good but also ugly sides of research such as trail of unwanted bycatch and works on solutions

ICYMARE Photo Grant – Place 4.1

“The Tide is High”
by Timothy Thomson (30)

As a scientist doing field work in the mangroves of New Zealand you come at low tide by foot but float at high tide to avoid resuspending the fine sediments for the measurements at high tide.

ICYMARE Photo Grant – Place 4.2

“Underwater gardening”
by María Salinas (34)

As a biologist feeling like a fish out of the water when leaving it for too long. She worked on biorock structures, restoring coral reefs and spending hours getting rid of weeds or sponges, like an underwater gardener.