Let’s start the ICYMARE 2019 BREMEN together and talk about what we love: our science!

On Wednesday, 25 September, we will start with a panel discussion where you are all invited to contribute. Peter Benham, Master student of the IMBRSea program, will as our moderator bring together a set of young panelists, who are all dedicated to marine sciences. We will jump right into a question many of us were already wondering about and now we can discuss it in this fantastic group (namely YOU guys!!!):

Should we be more activist? – Examining the current roles & responsibilities of scientists towards society

“How do we measure the impact of our science? Does all science need to have an impact? Who does our research benefit? What kind of topics do we research and how do we best share our results? Exploration, curiosity and the urge to find answers will always be on our horizon and a key driving force for most scientists. However, does the climate crisis and urgency of other current social and ecological problems change our role and as scientists? What is our moral responsibility towards the society we live in in and how can we define this role for ourselves? Come and join us for an open panel discussion to ponder upon these questions and share your thoughts with us at ICYMARE!


Moderator: Peter Benham
Panelists: Julia Jung, Thomas Sanborn, Julieta Vigliano Relva, Rosa Maria Canedo Apolaya, Justin Tierney


Painting: © Meenakshi Poti – More illustration samples from Meenakshi: meenakshipoti.wixsite.com/storybrush