The Übersee-Museum Bremen presents collections focused on ethnology, trade and natural history and connects them to a harmonious experience, which is unique in Europe. Visitors can “travel” to distant continents and discover the fascinating cultures and natural environments with unique exhibits from across the world, masterful animal dioramas and real plants. Some stations also invite to try something out yourself – it’s a museum for big and small, and for all senses! A brief overview of the history of the museum and it’s connection to the Bremen Society for Natural Sciences and ICYMARE is given here.

If you need even more arguments to convince you to visit the museum, please check out the museum homepage.

Free entrance to theÜbersee-Museumfor all participants

ICYMARE 2019 BREMEN is very happy to have the Übersee-Museum on board as a partner. All participants are given the opportunity to visit the Übersee-Museum for free during the days of the conference (24 to 27 September). All you need is your name tag to show it at the entrance.

If you want to visit the museum on Tuesday, 24 September, before the icebreaker, please request your name tag at moc.e1716809011ramyc1716809011i@tca1716809011rtsba1716809011. You will get a PDF with your name tag. Print it, cut it out and take it with you to the museum. During the registration on Wednesday, you will get a pin to fix it to your clothes. You can also explore the museum during the time assigned for workshops and excursions on Wednesday, 25 September, either by yourself or you join the guided tour through the Übersee-Museum.

You can find the Übersee-Museum directly at the central station of Bremen. Look on the station building and turn 90° left and you will directly walk towards the museum building.

Opening times: 9 am – 5 pm

Photos: Copyright @ Übersee Museum Bremen – Matthias Haase & Volker Beinhorn